Now providing motion picture and still shots.

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You wouldn’t believe it!
In order to help promote the TV broadcast station here at Denge TV, we put it out to local photographers and photographic services companies to see if they would provide some sponsorship and allow us to have some photos taken to share with the Perth audience.

This way we would be able to showcase ourselves both through motion picture as well as still shots on and off the set. We were fortunate enough to have company come back to us and provide us with some photographic equipment. Instead of a photographer however it was in the form of a photo booth,

Initially we were all a bit like…ok… however since everyone has had a go we really cannot get enough. We feel it is a great addition to the set, we will be able to showcase our funny shots with the crew as well as with anyone we have in to interview.

We can also use it as a booth to do interviews in recording the motion and capturing stills.

It is fantastic. The way we can use the props and have instant print photos is hilarious and we are now thinking of creating a collaboration wall of all the photos that we can generate and build up over the years of broadcast as a some what memorial of the past and who we have had on the show and what we have talked about.
We really need to thank the people at Perth Photo Booth WA for supplying the booth. You can find them here at or call them on 1300 796 345.

We are sure they will look after you like they have done us, and we are very grateful for the providing of the booth they have given to us. Be on the look out for some of the photos to come. They will be fantastic.

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This week on Denge TV we are talking about crabbing down in Mandurah.

Though Mandurah is technically not Perth, you can still consider it to be a part of the West Australian Perth scene.

A place where people venture down to holiday and get away, Mandurah is a beautiful spot for beaches, for surf, for sun, for camping, for visiting and for crabbing.

With crabbing season currently underway there are many bodies in the water walking around trying to catch themselves up some crabs to eat, both under torch light of the night as well as the sunlight of the day.

Recently experiencing this first hand, it was quite an exciting thing to try. It had you very cautious and nervous about the possibility of being bitten but very satisfying when you scored yourself a catch of a crab that was in size as this appeared to be the most difficult part about the experience.

With crabs being caught by many we are sure that there is to be some delicious dinners of seafood had by many. If you haven’t tried crabbing it is definitely worth giving it a go, and at the very least getting down to Mandurah, checking it out and enjoying yourself.

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Denge TV first post.

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Denge TV displays information and concepts from a vast range of idea and resources that this world has to offer. Being local based TV broadcast show we specialise e in providing the people of Perth with up to date information, information about what is happening in the world. Information about what could be information about existing things out in the world such as cars, bikes, food, friends, family, fun, sun, surf, shade and so much more that is on offer.

There is much within this world that can be used to play and have fun with from kid’s toys and fancy cars to cooking ware and all sorts. From using a limousine to travel to riding a bike. There is plenty of options that this world can provide to us in order to give a selection and feel like we have a great sense of choice and variety.

Denge TV will keep you up to date with lots of ideas of things to try and do, things to see, places to go and so much more. Stay with us as we keep you informed with what we are broadcasting on TV and here online. We look forward to providing you with all that we have to offer and hope you enjoy it all.

If you want to contact us, please feel free to leave a comment here or visit us on the TV.


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Welcome. We are live in 3..2..1..

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Welcome to Denge TV.

We are a small TV broadcast station from Perth Western Australia filling you in with all sorts of wild whacky and wonderful things Perth and this world has to offer. From how the weather is, to motorcycle gangs, to fancy cars, to cooking, to meditation. We want to fill you in with a vast amount of information from a range of different sources to provide a TV channel that is constantly changing and always prviding interest to a range of viewers.

Denge TV is now online blog live in 3..2..1.. Action

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