Funniest Moments in Australian TV

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TV is supposed to bring out the best emotions from us. Most often it’s anger, sadness, and happiness. But the best part about TV is when you get happy all of a sudden thanks to TV. Think about it, a serious show suddenly makes you smile, that’s great right?

So news shows. They are not the first things that come into your mind when you think about something funny. But some Australian TV shows have proven to be great at giving us a few laughs every now and then.

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Best Australian TV Series to Hit International Screens

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When you first think of Australia, the thing that automatically pops out in your head will probably be kangaroos. After that, there’s dangerous sharks and creepy spiders.

Oh, and there’s excellent TV shows.

Wait, what? TV shows?

Apparently, the whole world is going crazy over some of the most popular TV shows from Australia. Here are some of the more popular Australian TV shows that people are binging on from all over the world.

  1. Wentworth Prison – A reimagining of a 1979 TV show called Prisoner, Wentworth Prisoner is an Australian television drama series that started airing on May 1 2013. It tells the story of Bea Smith, a woman suspected of killing her own husband, as she enters prison life. Starting from the bottom of the prison hierarchy, the story follows her rise to the top of the ranks.
  2. The Kettering Incident – A relatively new TV drama, this aussie show features a Tasmanian doctor Anna Macy as she unravels the mystery behind the disappearance of two girls 15 years apart. Throughout the series, she finds out how her life is linked to the disappearance. Albeit received warmly by normal TV viewers, critics have bashed the series for focusing too much on visual aesthetics instead of providing more time to develop its characters and plot.
  3. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – Ah, the female Sherlock from down under. This series follows a lady detective with a taste for the mysterious and the amazing. This series is actually an on-screen adaptation of a novel series created by Kerry Greenwood. While not as intellectually challenging as most detective stories out there and can seem formulaic at times, it can be a perfect watch when you are looking for something that is light, fun, and can give you those small “Oh! I get it!” moments.
  4. H2O: Just Add Water – Popular among millennials, this 2006 TV was the fantasy show that most millennials grew up with both in Australia and the rest of the world. It’s a story of three ordinary girls who were transformed into mermaids by a mysterious island and in the process gave them superpowers. Aside from the fun plot, the acting is considered superb by critics, and they are always trying their best to get away from the usual mermaid story.
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Christmas tag team special

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Denge TV will be teaming up with ‘The Couch’ another local TV show based out of Perth, for a Christmas special at the end of the year.

We will be looking at getting on at least 5 special guests both from local sources here in Perth, from over east sources in addition to international guests.

We want to create a mega madness TV event that will have viewers glued to the TV. Expect a show like no other.

Date to be released soon.

(to view the couch please tune into foxtel or view their website here:

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X Trial was a hit

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The X trial was an absolute hit.

Approximately 1500 – 2000 people attended over the two days watching the spectatcle that was the X trial. All riders from across Australia managed to make it over to participate and put on a show for the crowd.

An action packed night that was filled with balance, near misses, huge jumps, incredible control, outrageous manoeuvring and racing.

One the whole family loved and was actively involved in from the intimacy of the venue. To interact with riders in their pits, be so close to the action and be involved in other activities and displays.

2 WA local riders had excellent rides and did their local state proud. Finishing with a podium finish on one night and falling short of Australias No.1 on the following night.

It will be back in Perth next year so make sure you don’t miss it!

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XTrial Perth

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Perth is hosting the inaugural Australian X trial event on the 10th and 11th of April at Baseball stadium in Perth. It is going to be an extremely spectacular event. Come down and check them ride on the huge obstacles requiring such high-level amounts of skill, technique and balls..big balls.

Visit the X Trial Facebook page or

x trial

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Towing o^-o

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Hi, Unfortunately, we are a bit late with this post, as we had some technical errors over the weekend of the 7th that we had organically planned to open up this topic.

However here it is.
We decided to open simply up a topic about cars for the simple matter of how common they are, all the purposes they serve. In addition, it will open up some greater insight nd ideas behind their use, their necessity and their existence within Perth.

To start it off, We are going to talk about towing. The reason being is that there has been much discretion recently on the news about the towing of cars in Perth due to incorrect parking measures.

For example, this would include parking in unmarked areas, parking on price property, parking in tow zones (obvious, but some people still do it) and parking, followed by a breakdown.

The biggest issue that has been raised with this is the lack of parking available in popular areas such as the city and its surrounds. This has been the major cause for many of the recent tow truck incidents. People have simply complain that there is not enough parking availability and as a result they park where they shouldn’t and get slapped with a tow.

We can understand why they have had their vehicle towed. They have parked incorrectly, however; a tow is quite an extreme action to take simply because ethe city was not designed well enough in its parking schematic.

So either way you could argue.

The difference between extending a couple of more bays, a small little fine or slap on the wrist would be much more helpful. Especially to those, who must then make their way to the tow compound and pick up their vehicle with a hefty fee.

We are not for it and feel that it is quite unfair, but at the end of the day the law is the law, and there is only so much action that can follow. What are your thoughts on the recent increase in towing and how would you react if you were found to have your vehicle towed?

Broken car towing calls in the platform

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This weekend 07/02/15 in Perth

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On Denge TV this weekend, we will be opening up the topic about cars. Whether it is in relation to fancy luxury rides or limos, standard soccer mum magic machines, breakdown and towing of cars or simply the reason why we use so many of them. As Perth grows, and there are more people, there are more cars on the road and traffic is worsening. Stay tuned to hear some more on the weekend

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Now providing motion picture and still shots.

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You wouldn’t believe it!
In order to help promote the TV broadcast station here at Denge TV, we put it out to local photographers and photographic services companies to see if they would provide some sponsorship and allow us to have some photos taken to share with the Perth audience.

This way we would be able to showcase ourselves both through motion picture as well as still shots on and off the set. We were fortunate enough to have company come back to us and provide us with some photographic equipment. Instead of a photographer however it was in the form of a photo booth,

Initially we were all a bit like…ok… however since everyone has had a go we really cannot get enough. We feel it is a great addition to the set, we will be able to showcase our funny shots with the crew as well as with anyone we have in to interview.

We can also use it as a booth to do interviews in recording the motion and capturing stills.

It is fantastic. The way we can use the props and have instant print photos is hilarious and we are now thinking of creating a collaboration wall of all the photos that we can generate and build up over the years of broadcast as a some what memorial of the past and who we have had on the show and what we have talked about.
We really need to thank the people at Perth Photo Booth WA for supplying the booth. You can find them here at or call them on 1300 796 345.

We are sure they will look after you like they have done us, and we are very grateful for the providing of the booth they have given to us. Be on the look out for some of the photos to come. They will be fantastic.

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This week on Denge TV we are talking about crabbing down in Mandurah.

Though Mandurah is technically not Perth, you can still consider it to be a part of the West Australian Perth scene.

A place where people venture down to holiday and get away, Mandurah is a beautiful spot for beaches, for surf, for sun, for camping, for visiting and for crabbing.

With crabbing season currently underway there are many bodies in the water walking around trying to catch themselves up some crabs to eat, both under torch light of the night as well as the sunlight of the day.

Recently experiencing this first hand, it was quite an exciting thing to try. It had you very cautious and nervous about the possibility of being bitten but very satisfying when you scored yourself a catch of a crab that was in size as this appeared to be the most difficult part about the experience.

With crabs being caught by many we are sure that there is to be some delicious dinners of seafood had by many. If you haven’t tried crabbing it is definitely worth giving it a go, and at the very least getting down to Mandurah, checking it out and enjoying yourself.

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Denge TV first post.

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Denge TV displays information and concepts from a vast range of idea and resources that this world has to offer. Being local based TV broadcast show we specialise e in providing the people of Perth with up to date information, information about what is happening in the world. Information about what could be information about existing things out in the world such as cars, bikes, food, friends, family, fun, sun, surf, shade and so much more that is on offer.

There is much within this world that can be used to play and have fun with from kid’s toys and fancy cars to cooking ware and all sorts. From using a limousine to travel to riding a bike. There is plenty of options that this world can provide to us in order to give a selection and feel like we have a great sense of choice and variety.

Denge TV will keep you up to date with lots of ideas of things to try and do, things to see, places to go and so much more. Stay with us as we keep you informed with what we are broadcasting on TV and here online. We look forward to providing you with all that we have to offer and hope you enjoy it all.

If you want to contact us, please feel free to leave a comment here or visit us on the TV.


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