The list of the best cars in the Television

Television shows are the finest medium to experience the range of the character’s fantastic vehicles, cars in particular. Time and again, audiences have fallen in love with everything shown in the Television ranging from the characters, places, and the latest technology cars.
Here is the list of some of the best cars ever shown on the television to capture the imagination of the audiences.
Batman’s Batmobile
Equipped with a built-in full car fire extinguisher, makes it literally impossible to destroy this car. The car can be driven by a remote control with Batman never has to worry about a flat tire due to its amazing automatic wheel repair feature.
Lotus Elan from ‘The Avengers’
The Lotus Elan was one of the most illustrious and an automotive representation of the best cars TV has even seen. Equipped with the lightweight sporting qualities and amazing features, Lotus Elan caught the eye and imagination of the audiences like never before and later proved an enduring influence on sports car designs as well.
Volvo P1800 from ‘The Saint’
This stylish and sleek Swedish sports beauty that featured in the action-packed episodes of ‘The Saint’ has enthralled many. It was undoubtedly one of the best-looking cars of the 60s that achieved an iconic status.
• Jaguar Mk II from ‘The Inspector Morse’
The classic 60s Mk II Jaguar was an ideal choice for Detective Morse due to its sturdy features and awesome built-quality. The Mk II was widely used in films and TV in the 60s, both a car for cops and robbers confirming its credentials again.